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Chinese New Year Buffet Catering

Who to Call for Chinese New year Buffet Catering in Malaysia

chinese-new-year-buffetChinese New Year is one of the most celebrated events not only in China but in many areas of the world especially in Malaysia. It is a significant event to celebrate, bringing a new year of prosperity and good luck.

It is during Chinese New Year where Chinese families, along with families of different nationalities, gather together to feast and congratulate each other. However, these gatherings will not be complete and memorable without a Chinese New Year Buffet.

Since eating time is a major highlight in every event, you should prepare for delectable and scrumptious meals which you and your guests can enjoy. Although you can prepare the food yourself, hiring a Chinese New Year buffet catering is highly recommended. Here are several important things about Chinese New Year catering and why you should hire us.

Facts on Chinese New Year Buffet Catering Malaysia

Chinese New Year is a very symbolic event. This is why you are encouraged and sometimes required to wear something colorful during the event. The foods served during Chinese New Year buffet must be chosen carefully.

Compared to other usual events such as birthdays, Chinese New Year buffet does not include just any food that you wish to eat. Malaysia Buffet Catering can surely help you a lot on this matter.

Each food that is served during a Chinese New Year buffet has deep meaning. Since the event is generally done for a whole year of luck and prosperity, foods that symbolize these wishes are being served. Examples of which are bamboo shoots, which symbolizes wealth and Abalone or sea snail, which symbolize good fortune.

Bean sprouts are also commonly served during Chinese New Year celebrations because it symbolizes good start for the New Year. When you hire a us for your Chinese New Year buffet catering, you have no worried on this. We know which food to choose for a meaningful event.

chinese-new-year-buffet2The manner of preparation of the food is also highly symbolic. Preparing the fruits fresh, for example, symbolizes new life and new beginnings.

The chicken must also be served whole with the head and feet to symbolize totality and fullness. Preparing the dumplings has meanings as well. A coin must be placed in one of the dumplings and the one who finds the coin is believed to be showered with prosperity.

This is another advantage of hiring our buffet catering service. We know how to prepare different foods to maintain important Chinese symbolizations.

Why hire Chinese New Year Buffet Catering

There are certain reasons why you should hire Malaysia Buffet Catering. These include the following:

  • We aware of the important features that should be presented in the buffet.
  • Hiring us will be more affordable than cooking the food yourself.
  • You are assured that the food we will prepare will satisfy your taste and the taste of your guests.
  • Hiring our buffet catering service is very convenient, giving you more time to prepare for other important things.
Malaysia Buffet Catering is among the finest catering service provider in Malaysia. We’re a one-stop Buffet Catering service to ensure that your every catering need is covered. Call our numbers now and see how much we can help you.

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