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Mini Buffet Catering

Mini Buffet Catering For Your Special Events

mini-buffet-cateringSince the establishment of our catering services, we have been offering buffet caterings from large group buffets to mini buffet catering.

If you are looking for a sumptuous meal for your small group during small groups meetings, stag party, or just a meal with some of your friends during mini reunions, we can set up a mini buffet catering for you.

Rest assured that our services will provide you excellent meals even during small events. After all, our services is the reason why we are the best.

Why Get a Mini Buffet Catering?

Some of you might just think of preparing your meals since you are only dealing with a small group; however, doing this may cost you more because even if the number of people is minimal; you still need to think of other miscellaneous things.

With mini buffet catering, we can provide you with what you need as you do important matters with your group.

Small group events sometimes are more essential and engaging than large group occasions so more often than not, you need all the time with your small group activities aside from setting up your meals. Also, you and your team would prefer having a mini buffet than getting your meals packed individually.

So mini buffet catering offer better variety so you end up satisfied and enjoyed during a hectic or a fun small group activity. So the next time you set-up a mini event, talk to us to customize your meals.

Why Choose Us?

Our company is one of the best catering service providers in Malaysia with our vast experience in the catering service. No matter how small your group is, we provide equal excellent services for you. Plus, we offer one of the lowest prices in return of a very good mini buffet experience for you and your team.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services that will meet your expectations on mini buffet catering. Other catering service providers do not offer you all these stuffs:

Choose your group size

We customize your buffet according to the number of people attending. We offer how much you need at a great price. Some caterers set a minimum number of servings so you always pay more than what you really need. With us, just inform us how many people will be attending and we will set up the buffet for you with no minimum package.

Customize your menu

We also prepare the menu that you request for your pleasure. You can customize your menu from a list we provide or just ask us to give you the meal that you want. So choices with us are endless.

Request miscellaneous services

Some caterers don’t give you miscellaneous stuff like tables and decorations, but with us, we acknowledge your need for style no matter how small the event is.
If you need mini buffet catering, don’t hesitate to contact us and leave an order because you will never get disappointed with our catering services no matter how small your group is.

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