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Wedding Buffet Catering

Choosing your Wedding Buffet Dinner Set

wedding-buffet-cateringGetting a wedding buffet catering package or if specified wedding buffet dinner can be one of the most important details in any evening wedding because aside from wanting to impress your guests with the food, you may want to give them an extraordinary wedding buffet experience.

In this line, getting a reputable catering service should be in consideration. If you are looking for a catering service in Malaysia, our catering services provide you with one of a kind wedding buffet dinner package that will not only satisfy your appetite, but provide you an excellent overall catering service from banquet table, banquet chair, decoration, canopy and other additional requests that you may have.

What do we Offer?

Our service is one of the top catering service providers because of the ultimate goal of giving you a holistic pleasant wedding experience. Most couples would want to feel relaxed during their wedding day and we assure you of a great service. Once you have given us your expectations during event planning, we always see to it to provide you with what you need during your wedding day.

If you are still sceptical about our services, here are the main features of our wedding buffet dinner package:

We Offer Great Food and Drinks

Well, this will be your first and foremost concern when it comes to foods and drinks during your wedding day. Our company has been offering catering services for quite some time now, which made us an expert in foods and drinks category.

We Compromise a Competitive Wedding Buffet Dinner Package

Price may come to your mind when it comes to professional catering services. We assure you that we offer a competitive price depending on your wedding buffet needs. Our mission is to provide you with excellent catering service at a price that you can afford. Talk to us regarding this matter so we can work on your budget.

We Give Variety

Your guests often look for food varieties. So aside from your wedding buffet theme, we assure you that your guests never get bored with what we serve.

We Take Charge of Crowd Control

Buffets can give you headache about unending lines to the buffet table so our buffet personnel sees to it that all guests have foods and never ran out of food to be served. Our experience also made us an expert in ensuring that all guests get satisfied with the amount of food they get regardless if some may visit the buffet table several times.

We Take Charge of Miscellaneous Items

If you want a stress-free wedding buffet dinner set, we also take charge of tables, chairs and other decorations upon request. We also do event management services making us your ONE-STOP wedding event provider.


Wedding buffet dinner packages can be very important for newly-wed couples and their guests so our catering services ensure you of a hassle-free, excellent and satisfying service that even other people will thank you for.

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** Beside wedding buffet dinner, we also provide wedding buffet lunch. Call Bonny @018 261 9207 NOW to find out more!

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