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Dim Sum Buffet Catering

Exploring the Delights of a Dim Sum Buffet

dimsum-buffet-cateringDim sum buffet options have become incredibly popular with both the Chinese community and the western world. Choosing this style of catering for your occasion or event will ensure that every guest has an incredible dining experience.

This style of food can be found all over Asia especially in Malaysia and is an integral part of Chinese cuisine.


Discovering what Dim sum's are

Many people think that Dim sums are simply dumplings; however, there are vast arrays of other options that fall under the category of Dim Sum cuisine. Egg rolls, won tons and other small individual parcels of food can be served as Dim sum, and enjoyed in a buffet style.

The fantastic individual design of the food will allow your guests to enjoy several varieties in one meal. Traditionally the Dim sum will contain savoury fillings; however, there are unique sweet fillings, which will help to compliment the meal.

Choosing a Dim sum buffet will ensure that a number of different dishes can be prepared, served and enjoyed by everyone. Regardless of your taste, there will be some of these small parcels that you find delicious.

Traditions and history that surround the Dim Sum

This small, unassuming dumpling is a huge part of Chinese history and can be found in every restaurant and home throughout the country.

These delights are prepared by the whole family, with huge amounts of love and are given as gifts on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, when a Chinese restaurant serves them, you are being welcomed into their family.

How to serve the Dim sums

dim-sum-buffet-cateringThe convenience of the cooking style of Dim sums makes them ideal for serving in a buffet; you can steam, bake, boil and fry the different parcels.

The traditional way to serve Dim sums is on a rolling cart, however, the western world have adapted this style to a buffet, which works incredibly well. Once you have experienced the delights of Dim sums, you will never look at Chinese food in the same way again.

The delightful Dim sums can be served on their own, or as part of a meal, ensuring that everyone is catered for. When you use the services from us – Malaysia Buffet Catering, you will soon discover that everything is taken care of, and expertly prepared and served.

You can discuss beforehand, which of the fillings you would prefer to be served, then sit back and allow all of the hard work to be completed.

Choosing a top quality catering company

Once you have decided that a Dim sum buffet is what you want to serve at your event, you will need to ensure that you choose the right company like us to produce, and serve the food.

Regardless of why you are hosting the event, you will soon discover that everyone will remember top quality food, served expertly. Top quality food can make a huge difference to the way that your guests feel about the event, and if you want to guarantee a room full of smiles, you need to ensure that you serve them a top quality Dim sum buffet.

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