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Halal Buffet Catering

Looking for Halal Buffet Catering to serve your honourable guests?

Here we are who always ready to provide you with Halal buffet so that you can serve your guests from different religions.

halal-buffet-cateringLet us introduce how “ Halal ” our buffet can be. Our Halal buffet is specially made by our chefs who had been graduated from different colleges with highest performances in their theory and also practical works.

Our chefs prepare their food in the clean conditions and environments. With their years of experiences, they are able to create new dishes which you are unable to get in other catering company.

It is proven that our new dishes are able to attract the customers and also the guests, as we have continuous customers who come back for us for their Halal buffet lunch or dinner.

We provide a variety of food from different categories. For example, in meat category, we have curry beef and rendang chicken. In vegetables category, we have mixed vegetables. In desserts category, we have kuih seri muka, kuih talam and of course different kinds of fruits. In drinks category, we have the tarik, syrup and so on.

Another reason that we are sure that we can provide the best Halal buffet catering is that the materials we bought are affirmative Halal. We have special workers who run around to get the freshest materials like vegetables, fruits and meat such as beef, chicken, mutton and fish.

Those materials are either get in the market or farm. We even get the fish from the fishermen to make sure the freshness of our materials. Therefore, we can serve you with HYGIENIC, FRESH and SAFE food.

halal-buffet-catering2Our Halal buffet catering can be served at different parties such as birthday party, engagement party, farewell party, company annual party and so on.

Different parties will have different guests and therefore we have different menus for different parties. This can make sure that our food prepared for different parties is suitable for everyone, so that everyone can enjoy themselves well in your parties.

And also, we have the arrangement for different types of food. We can have drinks together with desserts at one corner, vegetables at one side just to specially serve your vegetarian guests, and of course meats such as beef, mutton, chicken and fish at another side.

With our perfect plans and arrangement, we can ensure you can have your best parties ever and of course your guests will have a wonderful night at your house or any other places.

Reasonable prices offered for every menu. We are not looking for the highest profits from you, we just want our customers to be happy and satisfied with everything we offer.

What are you waiting for? Call us now to give us an opportunity to serve for you. We bring glory and happiness to every party.

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