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Corporate Buffet Catering

Your One-Stop Corporate Buffet Catering Services

corporate-buffet-cateringNeed organising a corporate event for some function? Hosting a party for your staffs to thanks their effort and  contribution? Planning the annual dinner for the company? Thinking to celebrate the festival event with your staffs?

In these special corporate events your best bet will be buffet catering.


Why should you choose buffet catering?

Here are the benefits:

  • Compared to ordering individualized plates, buffet catering is a less-expensive alternative.
  • You have a lot of food to choose from, ideal for a company event where some people might be picky with what they eat.
  • You have the freedom to designate food menus, incorporating varied preferences for vegetarians, vegans and employees who might bring their kids.
  • Food menus will be based on a budget so you are worry-free.
  • No hassle at all since the buffet caterer will be the ones delivering the food to the reception.

It is important that you choose a professional, respected caterer that has an experience in corporate buffet catering. It will need a very good interaction and planning between the organiser and the caterer as certain things are ought to be considered:

The number of guests

You need not be very accurate on this one. The idea is that 5-8% of the invited guests might not show up. With that in mind, it is still best to have more food available rather than compromise.

The food menu

Consider your guests. You know them well since they are your co-employees. It is good to add variety of food that is appealing to vegetarians, meat-lovers and vegans alike.

The space for the buffet and the reception overall

Buffet catering will need long tables and might need big punch bowls, tall chocolate fountains and canopies. Make sure you have enough space for your guests to roam around and mingle with each other.

The time

Time is always of the essence. Communicate with us on food deliver time, the time the party will start and will end and allowances for cleaning and fixing things. We will take care all the stuffs so you wont have to worried on it.


Why should you choose us?

We provide one-stop buffet catering services throughout Malaysia. We don’t just cater your food- WE CATER YOUR NEEDS.

We have selections of banquet table, banquet chairs and canopies. We can even decorate and design the venue for your convenience.

Our delicious dishes and delectable cuisines will surely be endeared by any palate. We have friendly assistants that add life to the party and always ready to help.

You state how you want it- we make it happen. All you have to worry is what you are going to wear and we take care of the reception. We also provide event management services to make your mind at ease.

Make your company party the event of the year. Organize it with us and make it one of the most fun experiences your guests will have. We guarantee you quality, one-stop corporate buffet catering at a reasonable price. You will never regret you arranged it with us.

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