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Tea Buffet Catering

Tea Buffet Catering: Best Served for All Occasions

tea-buffet-cateringA tea buffet catering is probably one of the most relaxing and refreshing types of meal in Malaysia. Malaysians living in urban locations love strong teas especially when mixed with sugar and milk.

Choosing to serve a tea buffet catering would definitely please and satisfy the appetite of Malaysians.


Types of Tea Buffet Catering

One good thing when choosing a tea meal to cater is that it can be served at anytime of the day depending on how you want it to be served. A tea meal can be served for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and even dinner. Here are the different ways of how to serve a tea buffet catering:

Tea meal in the morning

This is served in the morning. It consists of tea or coffee and some pastries, biscuits, and crackers. It is a lighter meal when compared to the usual breakfast.

Afternoon tea meal

This is served hours after lunch, probably from three to five in the afternoon. Another name to call this type of tea meal is the afternoon snacks. Other than tea, sandwiches, pastries, and cakes are also served for this type of meal.

Your guests and visitors will surely love a relaxing afternoon with this type of tea buffet catering. This is the type of tea meal best served when your event is celebrated in the garden.

High tea meal

This is served usually between five in the afternoon up to seven in the evening. The serving of the meal is light so it comes before the main dinner. This type of meal consists of tea, cakes, pastries, chips, macaroni, pie, and butter. This tea buffet catering is best served in a dining room or hall.


Qualities of a Great Tea Buffet Catering Service in Malaysia

Getting the best catering service in Malaysia is not going to be hard if you already know beforehand what look for. Preferably, a one-stop buffet catering services is the best choice especially when you haven’t decided on which type of buffet you plan to have.

We – Malaysia Buffet Catering offer various kind of choices to you. Other than the buffet, we also have other services like decoration, table set-up, canopy provision, chairs, banquet tables, and many others.

This will make things be easier for you since you need not to worry about the food and the venue. All you need to be concerned about is on what you will wear, how to look dazzling, and how to entertain the guests.

To sum up everything, getting a tea buffet for your catering is a great choice if you want to be stress free on your event. This type of buffet is going to make your guests and visitors relax while they enjoy a great meal. A tea buffet catering is not only refreshing, but it is also very flexible knowing that it can be served at any time of the day.

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